Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Organica Deluxe Ginger Cookies

Recently, Organica Deluxe asked us to sample and review their new ginger cookies. Organica Deluxe describes them as: "mouthwatering ginger cookies... ...baked fresh in small batches, the organic ingredients make these darker and richer than traditional ginger cookies. Topped with sugar crystals, these oversized treats are the perfect compliment to coffee, tea or a cold glass of milk."

The package arrived quickly and my first impression of the cookies is that they looked homemade. Absent were all the characteristics of the store-bought-overly-crunchy-asphalt-like biscuits that make them easy to pass up.

Organica's ginger cookies were soft and moist and the package listed all the organic ingredients. There was also a recommendation that the cookies were "best enjoyed fresh" (naturally), and that they be frozen if not consumed within 3 days. That last one may cause some folks to reconsider purchasing such a product, but for me, it is an indication of wholesomeness and good ingredients.

Upon trying the Organica Deluxe Ginger Cookies my first thought was "Wow, these things taste real!" "Real" may seem a strange term, but when I relayed that thought to my other tester, she agreed that it was the perfect description. Organica Ginger Cookies do taste REAL. A lot of organic food fans out there are going to nod, but the truth is that some organic foods don't taste real. Instead they taste like cardboard or hay. I know, I try a lot of them.

The Organica Deluxe Ginger Cookies were soft, chewey and perfectly sweet. The flavor of the ginger and spices were harmonious but not overpowering. These cookies are the stuff of your nana's kitchen. Eating them made me crave a giant glass of extra cold organic whole milk.

That was my first "WOW!" experience with Organica Deluxe Ginger Cookies. My second "WOW!" was the price. These are damn fine cookies people and they come at a price. A package of 16 of the delectable biscuits are going to set you back a whopping $40.

For a guy like me, that's the choice between a big cook-at-home rib roast or 16 fantastic cookies. Fortunately for Organica Deluxe, the world isn't full of people who will make the same spending decisions on food that I would. Roll on Organica Deluxe!

My final call on Organica Deluxe Ginger Cookies was to give them the Chop Onions, Boil Water seal of approval because they are made of excellent ingredients and they are DAMN GOOD! Price is a personal issue and best left to the buyer! So, if you are looking for a sublime ginger cookie experience there's a good chance these babies are going to do it.

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